Design Thinking | the art and science of matching the client p.o.v. to the product and service.

I design new business models, craft the communication strategy, and lead the actions that build and sustain these models.  I am currently the Chief Strategy Officer for the global law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP.

Over the last decade I have succeeded in both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial roles.  My design methodology and approach have unlocked significant value for organizations.  I work with law firms and corporations of all sizes, legal education professionals, and entrepreneurs in and outside of the legal industry.  


This is my personal professional brand site.  I do not always post legal related content and in fact blend in startup, design, and other threads - it is a deep world and I am curious to explore and apply new elements to my field of focus - designing business for the legal markets.


I think.  I build.  I learn.  I lead.  For what you should hire me for check out my Services.