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Healthcare is hot. With a massive aging population, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and a growing focus on health data, healthcare is a market of great interest, activity, and innovation and will be for decades to come.  Healthcare startups continue to emerge, and the potential growth opportunities continue to attract investors – institutional and individuals. Health care professionals, however, are not as active as they could be as investors.  As many would be considered accredited investors, it would be beneficial for this vertical to get its investor community involved as it brings not only money, but perhaps something even more valuable – knowledge and passion.

Recognizing that there are still barriers in the alternate asset class that is startup investing, Healthfundr is seeking to lower those barriers and get the healthcare community more directly involved with healthcare startups. The biggest barrier is simply awareness. The typical investor in this community is unaware of the market, or if they are, find it too difficult or time-consuming to navigate. Further alienating this group (and others) is the perception that in order to invest in a startup, you have to write a big check.  Healthfundr addresses these challenges by providing a platform that curates high potential startups, creating a structured investment capability where the investor can invest in funds or directly in startups (at a $5000 minimum in most cases), and promoting direct engagement between investors and startups in the hopes of accelerating growth or otherwise lending vital support. By increasing the awareness and reducing the risk, Healthfundr is hoping to expand a niche funder-pool while increasing funding to healthcare focused startups.


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