"Be an Intrapreneur" - Inspiration for Legal Marketers

Kim Craig, Managing Director, Lean Solutions, at Seyfarth, kicked off her LMA P3 introduction of Josh Kubicki with this quote and it could not have set the stage better.

Josh, Chief Strategy Officer at Seyfarth, began his keynote presentation at the recent, excellent P3 conference in Chicago by telling us a story of how he once was sued for $20 million. This isn't the place to recount the whole story, but it did all work out and, from what I gathered, was a crucial learning point for him in his career and helped shaped his approach and viewpoints for today:

“Be Courageous. Be Humble. Be an Intrapreneur.”

Josh defines an Intrapreneur as “a courageous corporate citizen who sees an opportunity to better their company and takes action while not allowing the bureaucracy to get in the way.” 

...an Intrapreneur is someone who builds things inside a company for the entire team.

Further, an Intrapreneur is someone who builds things inside a company for the entire team, business, client, etc. not just themselves. As Josh mentioned, this concept is not new, but what is new is how it is now being applied to the legal industry.

Josh also said something about the legal industry that really stood out for me: "legal does not have a business model problem, it has a culture problem." The business models of firms are usually quite sound but the culture needs to change and this big task frequently seems to fall on the hands of the legal marketers. 


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