Legal Transformation WATCH

In today's "Work & Family mailbox" in the Wall Street Journal a reader asks Columnist Sue Shellenbarger about becoming a paralegal in lieu of continuing to look for a job in fashion. In her response Sue states some interesting facts that demonstrate a widely accepted idea that the legal profession in going through transformation:

1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment in the paralegal profession will grow 22% between 2006 and 2016. Note: this is based on data from 2007.
2. Law firms employ roughly 70% of all paralegals.
3. Law firms have experienced significant change in the last year with mergers and staff cuts.

Ms. Shellenbarger then goes on to provide a quote from the National Association of Colleges and Employers – a non-profit.
“A serious reshaping” of the [legal] industry is underway that could change the outlook.
More people seeing more legal transformation.

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Joshua KubickiComment