Published Article - UK Law Business Review

I wanted to share a recent article of mine that was published in the most recent edition of the Law Business Review - a publication of LexisNexis UK. This article was written to address the market disruption LPOs have caused within the legal services arena.

With the advent and increase in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), law firms are facing greater challenges in maintaining the broad spectrum of legal services historically provided to clients. LPOs and other outsourcers have already taken a noticeable share of the low-level support services and look to expand into more substantive middle-tier legal services. With each new service acquisition LPOs disrupt the business and profit models of firms.

The online article is in an "ebook" format so you may have to page through the magazine to get to Page 56 where the article "LPO: Friend or Foe" appears. Have a look throughout the magazine as there are a number of useful and interesting articles that provide an insight into the UK legal market.

Here is the link:
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