Special Masters & Mediator Opportunities

There are two great opportunities to gain insight into special master and mediation techniques coming up in January 2010. The first is at the CPR Annual Meeting in NY on January 14-15. CPR is the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution. Notice the “Prevention” aspect of this title – resolution is often discussed but prevention remains a topic that receives little to no attention within the practitioner arena. Running concurrently with this event which features such folks as Richard Susskind, Ken Fienberg, Paul Lippe and Jeff Carr is a training course for mediation – the CPR Basic Mediator Training. The Training starts a day before the conference and into the first day. But those that sign up for the training will be able to attend any session of the conference that the training does not overlap – mainly Friday’s programs.

The second opportunity on this front is the upcoming Sedona Conference Ediscovery Dispute Resolution for Special Masters & Mediators on January 28 – 29 in Phoenix. NOTE: this is currently a filled conference but there may be a chance of getting a spot by signing up for the wait list. This program features some of Sedona’s most prominent regulars – most notably the Judges Facciola, Rothstein, and Scheindlin. This focus is specifically on training and learning about disputes involving the preservation, collection, review, management, and evaluation of ESI.

In case you want to learn more about the use of Special Masters within the ESI domain I suggest hearing over to Ralph Losey’s post earlier this year where he discussed this very topic. His post was a detailed overview and summary of the Scheindlin/Redgrave Cardozo Law Review article on the same topic.
Joshua KubickiComment