Jury Verdicts & Settlement research: Part of ECA

To follow up on my last post, I thought I would add a quick note on the topic of Jury Verdict and Settlement research. Any early case assessment strategy as part of a litigated matter will most likely encompass a valuation component. How much does the Plaintiff know to state as the value(s) of the matter(s)? How does a Defendant know what the value is? Research. And this has nothing to do with ediscovery but everything to do with ECA.

Here is a link to a posting by Jamerra Cherry a 12 year veteran medical malpractice paralegal in Philadelphia. It states in part:
No matter what type of law you practice, researching jury verdicts and settlements is an important part of any case. How would you know a plaintiff's demand is over the top if you didn't research it? Don't wait until your case has been active for a year to start researching. Early case assessment is helpful when going to mediations, arbitrations or when having a meeting with your client. Plaintiffs utilize verdict research to outline and support a demand. On the flip side, defendants use verdict research to state why a plaintiff's demand is unreasonably high. In order to properly evaluate your case, verdict and settlement research is key.

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