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to better access the legal markets.


DESIGNING business

The US legal market is roughly $300B. Over 1 million lawyers compete for each dollar of that every day.  Add to that, 45,000 or so new lawyers every year.  And add to that the rising new legal services providers - LPOs, hybrid law firms, and non-lawyer specialists.  

If you are not designing a new and better way to access and deliver to this market - your time is limited and your success is uncertain.

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Content is king in our information saturated world.  And no profession is more information saturated than the legal industry.  Too bad most of it is valueless, self-serving, and meaningless to the consumer/client.  Intelligent content pulls people to it.  It drives dialogue and creates questions; questions that you can answer - not your competitor.  

If your content lacks courage and creates no friction it will be ignored.

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Action demands courage and energy. Everyone has ideas. The bold, the smart, the winners - DO IDEAS.  Having the better strategy and provoking content is useless without enabling it and putting it to work for you.  Action means building, learning, and measuring before it means anything else.  Overlook these steps and failure is certain.

If you take action without the bases covered it will be more expensive, take more time, frustrate more people - even if you are successful.

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