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Over a Decade of Legal Intrapreneurship

Speaking, facilitating workshops, bootcamps and one-on-one coaching all centered on what it takes to be an effective intrapreneur within the legal market. Business design toolkits, change management strategies, growth playbooks and outcome-based teaching all focused on how to achieve sustainable and meaningful growth for lawyers, law firms and the business professionals they rely on. 



I work with the people and teams that are sincere and serious about achieving growth. I do not participate in innovation or design theatre. I never compromise quality for time. 

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Speaking & Workshops

Work with law students and law schools.

Using Design to Achieve Growth in Legal.  In this workshop we combine the key tools: the intrapreneur's canvas, the customer journey map, and the job-to-be-done technique to demonstrate how and where to use each.  The goal of this workshop is to provide a "Starter Toolkit" for those entering and in the legal markets who want to design meaningful AND sustainable growth. Participants will walk away ready to tackle a growth challenge/opportunity.

Intro to Design for Legal Markets. This can be a talk or workshop that introduces the basic mindset of design and provides introductions to tools and methods that can be used within the legal markets (which as we know has its peculiarities) to innovate, grow, and otherwise be smarter.

Strategic Design. This talk or workshop demonstrates the frameworks that facilitate, guide and drive the formation of an actionable and achievable strategy (versus an aspirational strategy).  You will learn how to simplify the strategy process while making it more effective.  This also incorporates business design, service design and market-based development techniques.


We had Josh speak at our strategic off-site for all of our business leaders, over 500 people. We were challenged with making the right decisions on product and innovation. Through his talk and time with us, Josh introduced a mindset and toolkit that equipped us to make our strategic choices more informed and us more confident about making them.
— EVP, multinational mass media & legal publishing co.


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I was an intrapreneur right out of law school. My first professional job was part of a global company's in-house counsel team where I was embedded in the business in order to build services and products that matched the needs of both the business and legal teams. From there I have always been building new business models, service models, or growth strategies for law firms, legal tech companies or alt legal service providers.